Adidas Originals Superstar 20210810

The first time I bought shoes online, I was very worried at the beginning. After receiving the goods, I took the poison app and identified it. Fortunately, I met a conscientious seller^_ ^High praise! The shoe size is very good. The shoe box is a little old, but it doesn’t affect it. As long as the shoes are genuine, you can buy shoes at home later. Continue to work on your conscience business. I wish you a prosperous business

I bought shoes many times in 42 stores. The first time I met the delivery, it was like this. At the beginning, the store called me and said that the shoe box was a little damaged. I wrapped a box for me to reinforce it. After all, it was an old customer. I didn’t care. When I opened it, it was like this. All the shoes were simply wrapped. After a look at the shoes, even the label was also peeling off The store’s attitude was also very good, they helped, but because there were no yards left, there was nothing to change. I just hope the next time the store checks carefully. After all, they are regular customers

Adidas Originals Superstar

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