Nike Air Force 1 Ultraforce 20210809

Grind your feet. If this is not a monopoly, I will not buy it here. Seriously suspected of his source, the insole, the logo was not ground on the first day, the heel was specially ground, there were a lot of thread ends, and the taste was also big! If it’s boat socks, you don’t want to wear them. At that time, I went to the exclusive store to try it on. Finally, I chose the low help model, which was all 40.5. This time, I still wanted to buy the high help, but the monopoly was no longer available. The same 40.5 actually squeezed my feet in 40.5!!!! Tell me the truth!!! Don’t disturb!!

I haven’t worn AF 1 for several years. The shoes are still good. The light ones should be the lightest ones in AF 1. The foot feel is OK and the workmanship is OK. The tongue and upper are all wrapped well, but it’s a little hard to wear.

Nike Air Force 1 Ultraforce

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