Nike Air Force 1 Low Milky Stork 20210808

Nike Air Force 1 Low Milky Stork

Nike Air Force 1 low “milk stork” white black grey Ibis stork official synchronous original level original last original paperboard to create a pure air force version / focus on foreign trade channels full hand built-in honeycomb air cushion / original box accessories original factory sole steel seal, pull perfect official article number da8482-100size 36 36.537.538 38.539 40 40.541 4242.543 4444.545

I took part in the event. The price is not bad. It’s just that the delivery is a little delayed. The packing is in good condition. The real effect of the shoes is good, the quality is very good. It’s just that the forefoot is a little bit loose. The upper is knitted very soft. I don’t know what it’s going to be like when you’re playing. After a period of time to play a few games to share.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Milky Stork

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